HappyThemes Starter WordPress Theme Review

Last time, we have introduced the HappyThemes review and introduced all their WordPress themes. Like I said in that post, you can create anything and everything using their WordPress themes. In case if you need to create deals and coupon website, you can do it also. All you need is a WordPress theme called Starter. In this post, we are going to show you the complete HappyThemes starter WordPress theme review.

HappyThemes Starter WordPress Theme Review

You know that there are so many WordPress themes available for the same purpose. but, we will only recommend you stuff that we used or still using.

At this time, there are a free version starter and premium version starter theme available. We will only recommend the premium version theme. Wondering why? Below, we will show you a comparison between the free theme and pro version theme.

Why HappyThemes?

HappyThemes got WordPress themes which are,

  • SEO Friendly – Help you to rank higher on search engines. If you got a higher ranking on search engines, probably you will get a lot of organic traffic to your website.
  • Speed Optimized – Load your website faster. Most users prefer faster loading websites than slower ones. By improving your website speed, you can generate more leads, sales or revenue.
  • Well-Coded – HappyThemes used a clean and secure code on their WordPress themes.
  • Responsive – Your website will look perfect on every device. On every desktops, tablets or mobile phone. By using a responsive WordPress theme, you can improve the user experience of the website.
  • lightweight – Choosing a lightweight WordPress theme will help you to improve your website speed and performance. All HappyThemes created WordPress themes are light in weight.
  • Affordable – According to other popular WordPress theme shops, HappyThemes got a cheaper plan with awesome features.

Is There Any Free Theme?

Yes, they have a free WordPress theme available. But, it doesn’t have full features. Mainly you can’t create deals and coupon section inside your blog. Then you need to create deals and coupon section using the custom post types.

HappyThemes Starter WordPress Theme Review

Below, we are going to list some of the major features that HappyThemes integrated with this theme. You need to know why you should purchase this theme before making a live payment.


Starter theme is responsive. This means you can provide a good user experience for your website visitors. No matter they are on a desktop, tablet or mobile phone.

Sticky Navigation Menu

The premium theme comes with the sticky navigation menu. So when a user scrolls down, your navigation menu will be always on top.

starter wordpress theme enavigation menu

In the free theme, you will not get this feature.

Homepage Newsletter

Ready to collect email addresses? In the pro version theme, you will get a custom header widget for showing a newsletter widget.

starter header widget newsletter

If you are using the free theme, you will not get this feature. In that case, you need to edit the theme files accordingly.

No matter you are running a small business or big one. You must build an email list. It will help you to increase your traffic,  revenue, and sales.

In our case, we are using OptinMonster for collecting email address. Other alternatives are, Hello Bar, Bloom and MailOptin. You can store the emails and send a newsletter using SendinBlue, AWeber, Constant Contact, GetResponse.

Deals and Coupon System

On the pro version theme, you can simply start a deal and coupon system.

starter coupon system

You will not get this feature on the free version theme. If you really need, you need to create a CPT. On the other hand, you can use a premium plugin called WP Coupons.

Using the plugin, you can simply add a coupon section in WordPress. Check out our WP Coupons review for more. Also, use our WP Coupons discount code for a charming discount.

Author Avatar on Meta

If you choose the pro version theme, you can see the author avatar on the post meta. It’s an awesome feature. Most premium WordPress themes don’t have this feature.

starter author avatar on post meta

The free version theme doesn’t have this feature.

Related Posts

On every single post and custom post type, you can show related posts in the same category. It will probably help you to get more page views and reduce the bounce rate of your blog. This feature is only available with the premium version theme.

starter related posts in single post

You will not get this feature on the free version theme.

Author Box

This feature will be helpful for you if you are running a multi-author blog. On every single posts and custom posts, you can show an author box.

starter theme author box

Free version theme doesn’t have this feature.

Ad Widget

Most of us are joined affiliate and using display advertising like Google AdSense or Media.net on our blog. If you are an affiliate marketer of any product, you can use the ad widget to show the product banner. This is only for pro version users.

starter wordpress theme ad widget

in the free version theme, you need to use an HTML widget for showing image and ads in the sidebar. Or an ad plugin. We recommend you using OIOpublisher, AdSanity or Advanced Ads. In our website, we are using Insert Post Ads.

For more about ad management plugins, check out our post best ad management plugins for WordPress.

Social Icons Widget

Most blogs have a social media channel these days. if you have, you need to showcase them on your blog to get user’s attention. In the pro version HappyThemes starter theme, you can get a professional looking social media widget.

starter wordpress theme social widget

On the free theme, you need to use any custom codes or additional plugins.

Popular Posts Widget

Bring your users attention to your latest posts. You can use this widget on sidebar widget area or wherever you wish to use.

starter wordpress theme popular posts

Recent Posts Widget

Show your recent posts on any widget areas or on the footer.

starter worpress theme recent posts

This will get users attention and more page views.

Back to Top Button

In the pro version, you will get a back top button on the front page and every single post.

starter back to top button

If you are using the free version theme, you will not get this feature. you need to use any custom plugins for this.


On the all theme plan, you will get 1 year of theme updates and on the lifetime club, you will get lifetime theme updates.

We highly recommend you to keep the WordPress core, themes and plugins updated. Or there will be security issues.


According to the plan, they will support you. If you choose the all theme pack, you will get 1 year of support. On the lifetime plan, you will get lifetime support from the official author.

Theme Demo Content

Both themes are coming with demo content. In that case, you don’t need to start a website from scratch. You can simply import those posts, pages to your existing WordPress installation.

Download Starter

You can download the theme from below.

From above, you noticed that to get the full power of the theme, you must choose the premium version. I am pretty sure that you will not regret by investing on the starter pro.

Why We Wrote This HappyThemes Starter WordPress Theme Review?

Most of our users are pure beginners and they always look for the best product in the market. In our experience with the HappyThemes and starter pro, we have noticed that Starter will be a perfect option for all beginners who need to create a deals website without relying on other plugins.

We hope you found this HappyThemes starter WordPress theme review helpful and enjoyed the read. If you did, please consider sharing this post with your friends and fellow bloggers on social media.

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Starter Pro
  • Features
  • Performance
  • Support
  • Ease of Use
  • Pricing

Review Summary

If you need a simple, lightweight WordPress plugin for creating a coupon site or a blog, you must consider this Starter Pro theme by HappyThemes.

We own a copy of this theme and it is one of the best coupon themes. Without editing the theme files or adding additional lines of codes, you will be able to create a coupon section inside your WordPress blog!

Check the theme out!

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