Perfmatters Review: WordPress Optimization Made Simple!

A 1-second delay in website loading time will affect your entire blog. If you are running an eCommerce website using WooCommerce or other related popular eCommerce plugins, you will lose so much money due to this issue.

Well, if you optimized your website for speed, you can start generating more revenue from your website. Most folks prefer a caching plugin, an image compression plugin, a lazy load plugin and some tweaks in the htaccess file for speeding up the website.

That’s not enough.

A few days back, we have found an all in one plugin for speeding up your WordPress blog and for improving the security. Yes. The plugin will also help you to harden your WordPress blogs. The plugin is called Perfmatters.

Perfmatters Review

In this post, we are going to share the Prefmatters review. In 2019, every WordPress blog needs this plugin. Due to this, we have also added Perfmatters to the must-have WordPress plugins list!

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Let’s find what Perfmatters do and why you need it.

Perfmatters Review

Folks, mainly newbie will not consider the website speed and also they will not build an email list. These are the huge mistakes. You know that blogging is not a short-term business and it’s kind of a long-term business if you are planning to.

For success, you might want to take care of your blog. For speeding up the website, you must consider this plugin. Like I said above, let’s see what Perfmatters offers and the plugin specs.

Optimization Features

For making your blog even faster, you can consider these options.

  • Disable Emojis.
  • Disable Embeds.
  • Remove Query Strings.
  • Self Pingbacks Configuration.
  • Disable Dashicons.
  • Disable Google Maps.
  • Heartbeat Configuration.
  • Configure Heartbeat Frequency.
  • Limit Post Revisions – In our case, we have disabled it. We will share a post in the near future how to disable it.
  • Autosave Interval.
  • WooCommerce optimization.

I m pretty sure that you want most of them!

perfmatters optimization

Security Features

The plugin offers plenty of security features for hardening your WordPress installation. Here are they.

  • Disable XML-RPC.
  • Hide WP Version.
  • Remove RSD Link.
  • Remove Shortlink.
  • Disable RSS Feeds.
  • Disable RSS Feeds Links.
  • Remove REST API Links.
  • Disable Password Strength Meter.
  • Change Login URL – The same method just like the WPS Hide Login plugin.

In our case, we are using codes for doing these optimization and hardening features. A simple lightweight plugin covers everything now!

perfmatters on woocommerce

Perfmatters Licensing

The plugins come with 1-year licensing. This means when you pay for their plugin, you will get 1 year of support and updates. An active license will help you to receive automatic updates.

All you need to do is, generate a license, and enter it in the Perfmatters plugins settings.

perfmatters license

After adding a valid license key, you can update the plugin just like you update other free WordPress plugins, from the WordPress updates page.

If you got your license key expired, you must consider renewing it. You can do this if you like their plugin. I am sure that you will.

CDN Settings

For making our blog even faster for all around the world, we will consider using a CDN. CDN stands for Content Delivery Network. At this time, we are using the CDN provided by Cloudflare on our blog.

But in near future, we will shift to MaxCDN. There are so many available there like Cloudflare, MaxCDN, Incapsula, Sucuri etc. No matter which CDN you are using. The Perfmatters plugin got a dedicated section for adding your CDN and rewriting the website’s URL.

perfmatters CDN

All you need to do is, enable the CDN rewrite, enter the CDN URL, specify the directories and specify the file extensions that you need to exclude. Save changes. Now you can see that all your images, theme’s style.css files will be served through the CDN.

DNS Prefetching

Most of us are using Google fonts, Google Analytics and resources from external resources. This will increase the page load time. In our case, we will do one thing. We will pre-fetch the URLs.

But, how to find those externals URLs which serves files?

Simple! use the Pingdom tool. It will help you to figure out the external domains which you need to prefetch. You could enter those domains to the Perfmatters plugin settings.

dnd prefetch option on perfmatters

You are done!

When you are using a caching plugin like WP Rocket, you don’t need to use this feature. WP Rocket got inbuild DNS prefetch option.

Google Analytics integration

You must use Google Analytics on your blog. It will help you to know your website visitors. Helps you to find the best-performing pages, pages that need attention, user’s location, language, and everything.

Most folks prefer using MonsterInsights plugin or adding the code to the theme header. When you do that, you are calling the analytics.js file from Google’s server. It will affect your website speed a bit.

By using this Perfmatters plugin, you could host the analytics.js file locally, on your own server. Probably it will help you to speed up the website.

perfmatters google analytiics integration

You can also use MonsterInsights along with Perfmatters. There will be no issues.

Perfmatters Pricing

The plugin is not a free version.

perfmatters plugin pricing

  • Personal – $19.95 – 1 site.
  • Business – $49.95 – 3 sites.
  • Unlimited – $99.95 – unlimited sites.

If you have only 1 website, you need only the personal plan. If you are a developer who develops websites for your clients, you need to try the unlimited website plan.

Support and Updates

It’s a one year contract like the WP Coupons plugin. By paying for a license, you will get support from the author for one year and also updates for one year.

If you got the plugin license expired, we will recommend you renewing the license. You must keep all the themes, plugins and WordPress core updated. Otherwise, there will be security issues. In most cases,  they will give you a discount for every renewal.

This might be between 25% and 40%. You can contact them and let them know!

Is Perfmatters Worth To Try?

Well, you know.

Perfmatters seems good and it’s an essential plugin these days. Have a try. They offer a 30-day money back guarantee. If the plugin is not working as you expected or don’t like it, you can simply ask for a refund.

They will give you 100% of the paid price. I know you will not ask for a refund. The plugin is pure love.

Download Perfmatters

You can download the plugin from below.

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Perfmatters Review
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Are you looking for a simple lightweight WordPress plugin for optimizing your WordPress blog? Here’s it. The Perfmatters plugin will do it for you. In this post, we are going to show you the complete Perfmatters review!

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