WordPress WhatsApp Chat Box Plugin Review: #1 WhatsApp Plugin For WordPress!

While you run a business online and if the website visitors are not converting to customers, you are in big trouble! For your business success, you may want to consider generating leads and increasing sales. In that list, live chat can help you to increase your overall sales and leads!

At this time of writing, there are so many live chat software are available like LiveChat Inc. Sadly, it’s a premium tool! Well, for beginners, there’s a plugin available called WordPress WhatsApp Chat Box plugin. It will help you to connect your website visitors with your WhatsApp account!

So, in this post, we are going to show you the complete review of the WordPress WhatsApp Chat Box plugin.

WordPress WhatsApp Chat Box Plugin

WordPress WhatsApp Chat Box Plugin Review

You, me, our friends, family, and almost everyone got a WhatsApp account. Will you believe me if I say this will help you to increase conversation in your online store or for generating leads?

Of course! Using this plugin, you can add a chat box in your WordPress blog. When a user got some doubts or pre-sale question, they will probably talk to you via the chat box. If you are good, you can convince them and make them your loyal customer!

Is It a Free Plugin?

WordPress WhatsApp Chat Box plugin is a freemium one. Means, this plugin got a free version with some limitations and a premium version with more advanced features! For testing the features or for a small online shop, the free version plugin is good enough.

When your business grows and needs the advanced features, you might want to consider purchasing the premium version of the plugin. In this post, we will share features of both plugins.

So, you can choose the best one for your business!

WhatsApp Chat Box Lite

No need to mess with coding. All you need to do is, just install a plugin.

Log in to your WordPress admin area and go to the add new plugins section. There, search for the WhatsApp Chat WP plugin. Simply install it.

install whatsapp chat box plugin

After installation, you may want to activate it.

whatsapp chat box plugin activated

In your admin area, you can see the plugin settings.

whatsapp chat plugin settings

From there, you will be able to customize the plugin. At this time, from there you can customize

  • Button.
  • Box.
  • Display.
  • Colors.

Let’s dig into the plugin settings.

Button Settings

From here, you will be able to configure these settings.

  • Layout – Layout can be a button or a bubble.
  • Border – Rounded or not?
  • Position – Position of the button. Botton right preferred.
  • Text – Text on the WhatsApp button.
  • Phone – Your WhatsApp number. This is where you will receive the messages.
  • Icon – Icon to show on the button (premium feature).
  • Message – First message that will send after clicking on the button.
  • Branding Link – Show/ hide the URL to the author’s website.

whatsapp chat box configuration

After configuring these settings, check out your blog from the front end. You can see a new WhatsApp icon according to your settings.

whatsapp button in website

Box Settings

This is where you can enable or disable the chat box. While the chat box is disabled, the visitors will be taken directly to the WhatsApp application.

When you enable the settings,

whatsapp chat box

You can show a sample intro text in the WhatsApp button.

text in whatsapp chat box

Sadly, in the free version plugin, you won’t be able to customize the text. If you really need to do that, you need to get your hand on the premium version. By the way, the contact settings are customizable. You can add your own name, number.

whatsapp settings - box

Don’t forget to save the settings after making changes.

Display Settings

Next thing you need to check is the display settings. You have the complete control over your WhatsApp chat button. From there, you can

  • Hide on All Devices.
  • Show on All Devices.
  • Show on Mobile Devices.
  • Show on Desktops.

On top of that, you will be able to target specific sections like the home page, blog page, search page or 404 pages. Also, you can target categories, and tags archives to show the button.

whatsapp chat box display settings

Sadly, you won’t be able to target custom posts and custom pages in the free version.

Colors Settings

The color settings will help you to customize the box colors. Right now, we can only customize the background and color in the free version.

whatsapp chat color settings

The rest color customizations are blocked in the free version plugin!

WordPress WhatsApp Chat Box Plugin Pro

Now, let’s see how the pro version plugin will help you to customize the chat box.

WordPress WhatsApp Chat Box Plugin Pro Price

At this time, they are selling the form plugin through CodeCanyon and their own website. At CodeCanyon, the pricing of the plugin is just $18.

whatsapp chat plugin for wordpress

For more, see the product page.

We highly recommend you purchase the plugin from their own website. They have 3 premium plans are available.

pricing whatsapp chat plugin

  • Personal – $10 – 1 Site Usage.
  • Agency – $20 – 5 Sites Usage.
  • Developer – $40 – Unlimited Sites Usage.

If you just want one license, the personal plan is good enough for you. If you represent a web developing agency who creates WordPress websites and online stores for clients, you may want to consider the developer package.

Once you purchased the plugin, you can see it in your QuadLayer’s account dashboard.

quadlayers account dashboard

In the licenses section, you can see the purchased item with the license key.

quad layers whatsapp web chat license code

Now, let’s see how can we install the pro version plugin on our blog and which features will get unlocked.

Installation and Activation of Pro Plugin

Like the QuadMenu WordPress plugin, you need to keep the free version plugin activated to use the premium features. From the add new plugins section, you can upload the pro version plugin.

whatsapp chat box pro installation

On the other hand, you can also use an FTP Client like FileZilla for uploading the plugin. After installing the plugin, simply activate it.

whatsapp chat pro activation

Now, you are running on the premium version!

For receiving automatic updates from the plugin author and support, you need to activate the plugin with a valid license key.

whatsapp chat premium license

Simply enter the license key and account’s registered email in the box. If your license key and email are correct, your website will get registered.

whatsapp chat pro registration

Now, you have unlocked all the plugins features!

The icon feature was disabled in the free version plugin. Now, it is enabled. If you would like to show a custom icon on the WhatsApp chat button, click on the add icon button.

add new whatsapp chat button

It will show you 40+ fone icons.

all whatsapp chat icons

Just select an icon you would like and update the settings.

save whatsapp chat button icon

If you check your website from the front end, you can see the new chat icon.

new whatsapp chat button active

if you check the display settings, you can see the custom posts and pages option got enabled.

whatsapp chat display settings

From now on, you can show the chat icon in custom pages and custom posts.

Let’s move to the color customization thing.

In the free version, we have got only less control over the colors. By using the premium version, this will get fixed. You can see from the below screenshot you have got complete control over your color customization.

whatsapp chat box color settings

Without using a dedicated plugin like CSS Hero or adding additional CSS via WordPress customizer, you will be able to customize the colors.

There, you can customize

  • Link Color.
  • Message Color.
  • Label Color.
  • Name Color.

Everything is in just some simple mouse clicks!

Cool isn’t it?


If you purchased the plugin from CodeCanyon, you can message the author team directly from their author profile. They will get back to you within 24 business hours!

whatsapp chat box plugin support via codecanyon

If you purchased the plugin from their official website, you can raise a ticket and let them know your issue or question.

quadlayers whatsapp chat box support

That’s how you can get support from the team.


They will update the free version plugin and pro version plugin according to the latest version of WordPress. You will be able to update the plugin from your WordPress updates page or using an FTP client.

In the pro version plugin, you will get updates for 1 year.

Download WhatsApp Chat Box Plugin

You can get the pro version of the plugin from below.

Get Started With WhatsApp Chat Box


You don’t need to spend money on LiveChat Inc software or any other premium plugins. All you need to grow your business is this WordPress WhatsApp Chat Box plugin! The pricing seems very affordable for us. I am pretty sure that this plugin will help your online store or business.

We hope you found this post helpful and enjoyed the read. If you did, please consider sharing this post with your friends and fellow bloggers on social media. For more related posts, you may want to check out our blog section.

If you are a beginner to WordPress, check out our guides about the best WordPress theme shops and the must-have WordPress plugins in 2019.

WordPress WhatsApp Chat Box Plugin
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WordPress WhatsApp Chat Box plugin is a freemium plugin which will help you to set up a WhatsApp chatbox inside your WordPress blog. This would be helpful for you if you are running a business online!

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