MyThemeShop’s WP Review Pro: An Awesome Schema Plugin For WordPress

MyThemeShop’s WP Review Pro plugin is an awesome plugin! Here’s why I said it.

A few weeks back, we have got our hands on the WP Review Pro plugin, which is made by one of the top WordPress theme shops MyThemeShop. In our blueprint page, we have said that we are using a free schema plugin called All In One Schema Rich Snippets on our blog for adding product reviews.

But later, we have understood there are some limitations and by using another schema plugin, we can improve the total interface and will get more features. So, we have started our journey with the WP Review Lite by MyThemeShop. It’s a free WordPress plugin. You can get it from plugins repository.

After using the free plugin for a while, we have fallen in love with it. Like every lite plugins, the WP Review Lite is also got some limitations. For enabling more features, we might want to use the premium one! So, without thinking twice I have got the WP Review Pro.

wp review pro

Upgrading WP Review Lite To Pro

Moving from the WP Review Lite to WP Review Pro is super easy. Here’s how you can upgrade the plugin.

I hope you have installed the WP Review Lite plugin and added schema to your existing posts.

wp review box

Well, most of you think while moving to the premium version, old data will get lost. That’s not true. If you move to the premium version WP Review properly, all your data will stay remain!

Here’s how you can do it.

Under your plugins section, you can see your WP Review Lite plugin.

wp review lite plugin

Now, we need to upload the WP Review premium one. You can get it from here.

For uploading the plugin, you can use an FTP client or use the default WordPress uploader.

install wp review pro plugin

Now simply activate the plugin.

activate wp review pro plugin

Once you have done that, you will get a warning message saying about the free version plugin.

wp review plugin warning

Now, you can deactivate the free version plugin and delete it from your website. Under the WordPress settings, you can see the WP Review Pro plugin’s settings.

wp review pro plugin settings

If you checked your existing posts which are with the schemas, you can see all the added schema data there. The template might have changed.

wp review pro plugin existing


Without getting your schema data loss, we have moved to the WP Review premium version! This is how you can upgrade the plugin.

MyThemeShop’s WP Review Pro Overview

Like we did for all the features, you need to choose the premium version plugin. At this time, the plugin cost $67 for a single website license. Trust me, it’s worth.

WP Review Pro Features

But before choosing the plugin, you need to know the features of it. Here are the main features that you will love and need to know!

Review Types

WP Review Lite plugin got only 1 review type. Star. In the premium version plugin, you can set the review type as

  • Star.
  • Point.
  • Percentage.
  • Thumbs Up.
  • Circle.

From the WP Review section from your post, you can change the review type.

Schema Types

On the free version plugin, you will get only 1 review type. “Thing”. But in the pro version plugin, you will get 10 types of rich snippets. They are

  • Book.
  • Game.
  • Movie.
  • MusicRecording.
  • Painting.
  • Place.
  • Product.
  • Recipe.
  • Restaurant.
  • SoftwareApplication.
  • Store.
  • Thing.
  • TVSeries.
  • Website.

Almost all review types. While writing a post, you can choose your preferred review type. If you don’t need to add a review to a post, simply set it up to no review.

Also if you are focusing on any one review type, you will be able to set the review type as default. This is what we do here. In our case, we are setting the “thing” as the review type.

Custom Author?

Have you noticed our reviewers name?

Let me explain a bit. I am the author of every post that you read here (Christina). But you can see the review author is someone else. They are my friends Jane Foster, Jessica, and our CEO Sreehari Sree.

In the Author hReview plugin, this was a con. Can’t able to use custom names as the reviewer. In the WP Review and WP Review Pro plugin, you will be able to set custom author names for your review.

In just a single click.

wp review custom author name settings

It’s pretty simple. For every post, you can set custom reviewer name. If you don’t want to set a custom name, simply leave this setting. Your name will fetch as the display name.


In the Lite plugin, you will get only 1 template. But I love the template.

WP Review Pro default template

In the WP Review Pro plugin, you will get 16 pre-designed templates. You could choose your favorite one from the list. In our case, we are using the Darkside template on our website.

The templates are highly customizable.

User Reviews

When you are running an online store, you might want to enable the feature. This will help your users to leave reviews. You can also enable this feature on single posts and custom post types.

From the plugin settings, you can enable/ disable this.

In our website, we are not using this.

Review Widget

We have a review widget in our right sidebar. Have you noticed? In the widget, we can show the latest review posts. If you need to add it to your own blog, simply go to customizer and widgets section.

Once you have gone there, choose the widget area that you need to use and add the WP Review Widget.

wp review widget

In my demo website, I am using the GeneratePress WordPress theme. The plugin is compatible with all major WordPress theme shops.

The widget is customizable.

wp review pro widget

Once you have added the widget to the widget area, you can change the widget title, configure review date settings (show the date or hide it), review tab settings and more.

By using the customizer, you will be able to see them with a live preview.

MyThemeShop’s WP Review Pro Pricing

At this time of writing, they are offering 3 pricing plans.

  • 1 Site License – $77 $67.
  • 5 Site License – $97 $87.
  • 10 Site License – $107 $97.

For a limited time, they are offering a $10 discount. So if you are ready to purchase the plugin, don’t wait! It’s your best chance for it.


From above, you know the features of the plugin. This is the best and one and only WordPress schema plugin that we have used yet. No matter you are running a product review website, movie review website or running an online store using WooCommerce.

You must need this WP Review Pro plugin on your website activated for increasing your traffic.

Get Started With WP Review Pro

You can get the plugin from below.

We hope you found this post helpful and learned more about the WP Review Pro plugin. If you did, please consider sharing this post with your friends and fellow bloggers on social networks. This will help them to pick the right product review plugin for WordPress.

If you are looking for more related posts, you might want to see our blog section. If you are looking for another popular schema plugin for WordPress, check out WP Rich Snippets. Also if you are a beginner, see our must-have WordPress plugins list.

WP Review Pro
mythemeshop's wp review pro

Product Name: WP Review Pro

Product Description: Do you want to add rich snippets to your WordPress blog? By using this WP Review Pro plugin, you will be able to add reviews to your WordPress blogs. Here's the complete review.

Price: 67

Currency: USD

Availability: InStock

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While we are running a product review blog, we must need the best schema plugin for WordPress. There are so many schema plugins are available. In our website, we are using one called WP Review Pro. Here’s the complete review!



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