How To Create Surveys In WordPress Using WPForms

Are you planning to create surveys in WordPress? Creating custom survey forms using HTML and CSS is not a beginner-friendly method. In that case, you would need to rely on a developer or unique tools. Well, in this post, we are going to show you a simple method for creating surveys inside your WordPress blog by using the popular WPForms WordPress plugin.

So, let’s see how we can do it.



WPForms is one of the popular freemium WordPress form builder plugins on the market. With unique features like file upload, conditional logic, spam protection, PayPal integration, Stripe integration, WPForms is the best compared to the other form builder plugins. The free version plugin (WPForms Lite) is available on the WordPress plugins repository.

As you can see below, the lite version plugin is used on more than 4 million active WordPress sites.

wpforms lite

For creating basic forms, the free version plugin is good enough. But, if you need to create more complex forms, the premium version is recommended. When you are running an eCommerce store and need to create an order form, you would need to purchase the WPForms premium.

Because the premium version plugin comes with more advanced features. For survey creation, we won’t be able to do it with the lite version plugin. The Survey add-on comes only with the premium version plugin.

WPForms Pricing

As of today, WPForms got four premium pricing options.

wpforms premium pricing

  • Basic – $39.50/ year
  • Plus – $99.50/ year
  • Pro – $199.50/ year
  • Elite – $299.50/ year

For the Surveys and Polls add-on, you need to purchase the Pro or Elite plan. With your Credit Card or PayPal account, you will be able to complete the purchase.

How To Create Surveys In WordPress?

Now, let’s see how we can create surveys in WordPress.

The first thing you need to do is, purchase the WPForms premium plan. As I mentioned above, you will need to get the Pro or Elite plan for the add-on. After purchasing a plan, log in to your WPForms account and download the premium plugin files.

Now, log in to your WordPress site, install the premium plugin. After activating, you will need to verify your license key.

verify wpforms license key

After the license key verification, you will get access to their add-ons, priority support, and plugin updates. Now, go to the add-ons section, install and activate the Surveys and Polls add-on.

install and activate surveys and polls

Now, you can create any type of survey form inside your site. You can see a custom made survey form template on the WPForms editor.

survey form template

It comes with some pre-made fields, but adjustable. On the other hand, if you do not need to use a custom made template, you can always choose the blank template option. There, you will be able to add fields according to your requirements. However, selecting a pre-made template will help you to save a lot of time.

Once you have selected the form template, you will be redirected to the WPForms builder.

wpforms builder

On the left side, you will be able to see the available field options. The right side will show you a preview of your new form. When you need to add extra fields, simply drag the field and drop it in the preview mode. Also, if you need to edit the existing fields, just click on them. You will see the field customization options in the left panel.

After the modifications, save the form. If you need to embed the form inside your blog pages, just copy the shortcode. Or, you can directly insert the shortcode from the editor.

wpforms button

After inserting the shortcode and content, you will need to update the page. And if you check the frontend, you can see the live form.

survey form on frontend

The created forms also can be added to your site’s any widget areas. You can do it from the Widgets option or WordPress customizer.

form on widget

After saving the widget, check your sidebar. You will see the form in the frontend.

sidebar forms

So that is how you can create custom survey forms in WordPress and embed them. If you need to view the results, go to the WPForms settings. You will see a button named survey results along with the survey form. You need to select it.

view survey results

On the next page, you will see the survey results as a graph.

survey results

If you want, you can export those entries for safekeeping. On top of that, you can also transform any normal WPForms form to a survey form. For that, open the form on the editor and go to the surveys and polls section.

surveys and polls section

Enable the option and you are good to go. For turning on the reporting field, go to individual fields, turn on the survey reporting feature.

survey reporting feature

This way, you can transform any normal form into a survey form.

This is how you can create surveys in WordPress and embed them. With the powerful WPForms plugin, everything is simple.

Get Started With WPForms

You will be able to get the premium version of WPForms from below.

Get Started With WPForms

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