How To Check Broken Links In WordPress

Are you having broken links on your blog? If you are, you must consider checking them and redirecting or removing them. If you don’t know how to check broken links in WordPress, in this post, we will show you how can you check broken links and remove them.

how to find and fix broken links in wordpress

How To Check Broken Links In WordPress

Typically, there are 2 methods available for finding broken links.

  • Using an external link checker
  • Using Plugin

We will cover them both here.

External Website

This method will work on almost all websites. No matter if you are on WordPress or any other popular blogging platform.

All you need is, go to Broken Link Check.

online broken link checker tool website

Enter your domain name, and click on find broken links.

find broken link checker online

Enter the captcha and find all those broken links.

check for broken links online

Soon, the website will show you all the broken links on your website.

broken links from broken link checker plugin

It will not affect your website speed or performance.

WordPress Plugin

Log in to your WordPress admin dashboard and go to add new plugins. You need to install the Broken Link Checker plugin on your blog.

install broken link checker plugin

After installing it, simply activate the plugin on your blog.

Check Broken Links In WordPress

Under the settings menu, you can see the plugin settings.

general broken link checker plugin

You can look for broken links in your posts, pages, custom post types. Also, you will be able to check broken links in published posts, drafts, schedules posts, private ones, and pending posts.

broken link checker which links need to check

Which links you need to check for? We recommend you check them all!

which broken links need to check

These settings are enough for beginners.

Now, you can see the broken links under the tools menu.

broken link checker settings

You can see I have got 3 broken links here. All of them are external. For fixing it, I can unlink it or redirect it to somewhere else.

broken link checker link options

We recommend you editing the URL and adding the right website address. By using this plugin, you don’t even need to go to the specific posts and pages. You can edit all those broken links from this dashboard.

NOTE: Due to high CPU usage, some WordPress hosting companies like WP Engine got disabled this plugin on their servers. If your web hosting company restrict this plugin, we recommend you use the first method.

We hope you found this post useful and learned how to check broken links in WordPress. If you did, please consider sharing this post with your friends and fellow bloggers on social media. For more related posts, you need to check our blog.

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