Sponsored Posts: Promote Your Business/ Product Through Us!

At AWPGuide, we have written so many WordPress theme reviews and plugin reviews that we tested. Well, we have a great opportunity for plugin, theme authors.

From now on, we are going to accept sponsored posts on our blog and you can get listed on our blog. Here’s how you can get listed on AWPGuide sponsored posts.

AWPGuide sponsored post

AWPGuide Sponsored Posts

So how to get a sponsored post here at AWPGuide? Let’s find out.

Before We Start…

We will not add a falsely positive review in our blog. All the reviews that you can see in our blog are┬áreal and the product is tested by one of our team members. We aren’t writing the posts just for income.

For Sponsors: When you plan to sponsor a post on our blog, you might want to give us a copy of your product. This will help us to write more about the product, be descriptive about the features.

You don’t need to share a license key for updates.

We love to share every feature of the product with our audience. This will give a better understanding of the users and a great impression for the sponsor’s product.

What You Will Get?

In every post that we publish, there will be 1800+ words explaining the themes/ plugins or tool’s features. Also in the article, you will get up to 5 links.

In some cases, the article can be long up to 3000+ words.

Those links will point to your product page, documentation page, support page, and the official author’s website. These links and the post will be permanent. We will not delete the post from our blog in the future.

On top of that, we will link your review post from our existing articles, also upcoming articles.

Content Writing

You don’t need to prepare content for the post. We have a dedicated author team which will help us to create posts here. So, we will take care of the content.

Sponsored Post Charges

Well, you may be interested in sponsoring a post for your product. At this time of writing, we have 3 plans for writing a post.

  • Single.
  • Bundle.
  • Lifetime.

Let me explain to you what does that mean.

Like the name says, in the single pack, we will review one of your products (if you have many). The cost of a single review is $600 $350. We are running a limited time offer for all of our users.

In the bundle plan, we will cover all your products for a cheaper price. Here’s how it works. For your first sponsored post, we will charge you $300. For the next sponsored posts of your products, we will only charge $225!

This is a great offer for you if you have 5 or 6 items that you need to cover in our blog. It will save so much money for you!

Now, let’s go to the lifetime plan. There, we will cover your entire products such as WordPress themes, plugins. All your existing products and upcoming products. For this plan, you may want to spend $600 $700.

If you have 15+ items in your portfolio, this is the best plan for you! We will write a review of all your upcoming files. All you need is, just give us a notification via email!


Before getting in touch with us, you need to see some live examples of our sponsored posts. Here are some examples.


In the near future, we are planning to make our blog multilingual and translating all existing posts into different languages. So, it’s a great chance for you. Without asking for a single penny more, we will do it!

If you have anything doubt, feel free to contact us. We’d happy to help you!