Newsmag WordPress Theme Review: Your Perfect News Magazine Theme!

Most folks are starting a magazine blog or fashion blog or whatever they want using WordPress. We are happy to know they are building a business online and making money online.

At this time, there are so many WordPress magazine themes are available. Some of them are free and most are premium. Well, for our users, we will recommend the best, optimized premium WordPress themes. On the list, Newsmag by tagDiv is #2!

So in this post, we are going to show you the complete Newsmag WordPress theme review. All the features offered by Newsmag, the pros, cons, and our overall rating.

Newsmag WordPress theme review

Newsmag WordPress Theme Review!

tagDiv created Newsmag WordPress theme back in November 2014. All these years, the theme is with us! Yet the theme has been sold to more than 13,650 folks and it’s increasing day by day!

And also from 1062 reviews, the theme has 4.8 stars rating out of 5!

newsmag theme sales report

This clearly tells how the theme performs in the market. 4.8 stars out of 5 are not bad! Here’s a quick video intro.

With Newsmag…

By using the Newsmag WordPress theme, you will be able to create almost every magazine blogs! Some of them are,

  • Normal Magazine.
  • Food Blog.
  • News Blog.
  • Fashion Blog.
  • Auto Blog.
  • Animals Blog.
  • Travel Blog.
  • Tech Blog.
  • Video Blog.
  • Sports Blog.

Almost anything and everything that you would like! You can see all your current theme demos right here.

Installation and Activation

You can install the theme just like the normal ones. You will be able to install the theme from your WordPress dashboard or by using an FTP account and client like FileZilla.

install newsmag WordPress theme

Once you installed the theme, simply activate it.

activate newsmag wordpress theme

You are done!

newsmag worpress theme installed

If you are a guy who makes changes to your WordPress theme core files, you may want to consider creating a child theme and modifying the child theme files. Thankfully, Newsmag got one pre-made which you can find in the downloaded archive.

Install it and activate it. From now on, you don’t need to edit the parent theme. Simply edit your child theme files.

License Verification

Due to the nulled WordPress themes, tagDiv made a license verification in the panel. For auto updates, support, you just need a valid license key. Probably nulled WordPress themes doesn’t come with that.

newsmag wordpress theme license

You can find your license info from your ThemeForest downloads section. Once you activated the theme with a valid license key, you will get automatic updates!

Newsmag Theme Features

Well, what makes Newsmag theme different than the other ones? Let’s find out! Below, we are going to show you the complete features of the Newsmag WordPress theme that you need to know!


Most folks will prefer a mobile phone for browsing. It’s increasing day by day. When we own a blog or website, we might want to make sure that our theme is optimized for mobile phones also known as responsive.

By using a responsive design, the visitors will get a better experience on their devices. No matter they are using a mobile phone, tablet computer or desktop.

This Newsmag WordPress theme is 100% responsive.

Optimized for Speed

Speed is a ranking factor. If your website speed is bad, you may want to consider optimizing the blog for performance and speed. Here’s why.

A 1-second delay in the loading time will result in loss of revenue if you are running an online store. If you are running a blog with content, visitors will start leaving the website. This will send a bad request to Google and you will lose ranking!

Newsmag got optimized, secure code which will help you to optimize the speed.

On top of that, you can use any caching plugin like WP Rocket, WP Super Cache, WP Fastest Cache. Also, consider checking the ShortPixel or WP Smush.

SEO Ready

By choosing an SEO ready WordPress theme, you will get a higher ranking on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yandex. The clean code with structured data will help you to rank your contents.

Newsmag theme is 100% SEO ready. By ranking your contents higher on search engines, you will get more traffic to your website. This means more revenue, leads, and sales!

New Custom Page builder!

The tagDiv team got a custom page builder called tagDiv composer. It’s the best alternative for the Visual Composer plugin. Full drag and drop and easy to use!

tagdiv composer live preview

So say goodbye to the existing page builders like Elementor, Beaver Builder, Site Origin etc… tagDiv composer is lightweight and will not slow your website down!

Bundled Plugins

In the downloaded theme package, you will get several premium WordPress plugins. You need to spend more on these plugins. They are

The theme will automatically install the tagDiv composer and social count plugin. If you prefer manual installation, you could do it also!

Demo Installation

The demo data provided by Newsmag is really awesome. From your theme settings file, you will be able to install any demo that you like.

newsmag demo installation

All you need to do is, click on the demo that you need to install, finish the settings.

install newsmag theme demo

Within a few seconds, your demo will get installed.

newsmag demo installation complete

If you check your website from the front end, you can see the live action.

newsmag live demo

Theme Panel

The Newsmag theme got an easy to use theme panel which will help you to configure your website’s look and performance in some mouse clicks!

newsmag wordpress theme panel

The theme panel got everything that you need. Now, let’s see what are the main customizations offered via the theme panel.

Header Customization

You have 100% control over your website’s header. There are so many options are available to check out.

newsmag header settings

Something like:

  • Header Style.
  • Top Bar.
  • Main Menu.
  • Logo & Favicon.
  • Logo for Mobile.
  • IOS Bookmarklet.

Footer Customization

As well as the header customization, you will be also able to customize your website footer.

newsmag theme footer

The main customization features are

  • Template Selection.
  • Instagram Gallery.
  • Footer Info
  • Sub Footer Settings.
  • Background Settings.

Ads Optimized

newsmag ads

By starting a magazine blog, most folks are planning to make money from display advertisings. The main display ads networks are Google AdSense and

For increasing your revenue, you may want to pick a WordPress theme which is optimized for display ads. Here the Newsmag is 100% optimized for ads and you can simply increase your revenue.

On top of that for adding ads inside WordPress, we may want to rely on any ad management plugins. From the theme panel, you will be able to insert ads to your WordPress website! Without using any plugins!

AMP Ready

AMP enabled web pages will load 5xx faster in mobile phones. We have seen that most folks are using AMP on their website. There are so many plugins are available for using AMP inside WordPress. tagDiv got a custom one!

tagdiv amp wordpress plugin

By using the tagDiv AMP WordPress plugin, you will be able to implement AMP inside your blog. Just need to install and activate it. From your theme panel, you can configure your AMP pages.

Like post types, colors etc… Nice and easy! I am pretty sure that AMP pages will rank higher on mobile search results.

Ajax Search

How the default WordPress search goes? We add some keywords in the box, search for it, find the post from the search results page. Well, Newsmag got something different.

Do you know about the Ajax Feature? All you need is, enter the keyword in the search bar and the website will show you all posts with the search term!

newsmag ajax search feature

You don’t need to search for it! Cool!

Background Settings

If you want, you can set a static image as a background!

newsmag background settings

Your website will automatically be switched to the boxed version. Also, you will be able to configure the mobile menu background and search background. The complete website background settings!

Theme Colors

When we need to edit the website’s styling, probably we need a dedicated CSS plugin like CSS Hero or need to add additional CSS to the style.css file.

But Newsmag got it covered. From the theme panel, you will be able to edit the colors.

Newsmag theme colors

If you are not able to see the changes in your front end, it’s a simple problem with caching. Clear your website, browser cache and check it.

Theme Fonts

By using a user-friendly font, you can improve the website’s user experience. In our blog, we are using the Proxima Nova font. We have added it manually via the style.css file. By using the Newsmag theme panel, you will be able to add custom fonts in several ways.

newsmag font settings

Without adding a single line of additional CSS, you will be able to change the font’s size, line height, weight, style, etc…

Custom Code Editor

Would you like to add some additional codes to your website?

newsmag custom code insertion

From the theme panel, you will be able to do it. You can add custom CSS, JS, and HTML to your website.

Header and Footer Editor

When you need to add Google Analytics or any other JS code to the theme header or footer, you may want to use a dedicated plugin or need to edit the header.php file. No more editing.

From the theme panel, you will be able to do it.

newsmag header and footer insertion

After pasting the code, simply save the settings. For verifying your insertion, check out the page source.

Social Networks Settings

You can show social media menus on top of the website and wherever you want. Normally for showing a social media profile, we need to add font awesome icons to WordPress, add proper HTML for creating the widget, some custom CSS for styling etc.

Well, in the Newsmag theme panel, you will get an option for adding social media profiles.

newsmag social media accounts

There are so many social media profiles are available.

Translation Ready

These days, translating a WordPress blog will bring you more traffic. Let’s hope that you are running an affiliate website with English contents. We are not only receiving traffic from English countries. So for maximizing the revenue, the translation will work.

Before going forward, you need to make sure that your theme is ready for translation. In this case, Newsmag WordPress theme is multilingual ready!

You can simply run a multilingual website using this theme!

Speed Test

By using the Pingdom Tool, we have checked one of the demo website’s speed. And here are the results.

newsmag pingdom speed test

There, you can see that the page size is about 1.4 MB but the website got loaded in 1.06 seconds. If you optimize your website properly using a caching plugin, an image optimization plugin like ShortPixel, you can score better.

Also, minify static files to improve the overall page speed.


Like almost all ThemeForest items, the theme has 2 pricing options.

newsmag wordpress theme price

  • Regular License – $49.
  • Extended License – $999.

If you are planning to use the theme right on your blog or any of your client’s website, the regular license is good enough for you! When you need to pack the theme with a bundle, you may want the extended license.

Pick a plan according to your usage!

Support and Documentations

Have a pre-sale question? Most of us will have it before purchasing an item online. From tagDiv’s ThemeForest profile, you will be able to contact them.

email tagDiv

They will get back to you ASAP.

Now, let’s hope that you have purchased the theme. For those, tagDiv will give 6 months free support! If you need to extend your support period to 12 months, you need to spend an additional $13.88.

For configuring the theme, and optimizing the theme, you may want to check the documentation. They have a bunch of tutorials which will help you to master the theme.

newsmag theme documentation

If you need to see them, here’s a direct link to the Newsmag WordPress theme documentation.


We highly recommend you keep your WordPress core, themes, and plugins updated to the latest version. This will help you to avoid security issues and stay away from hackers.

So most WordPress theme stores will limit the update feature and you need to pay next year for updates. Well, here when you use Newsmag WordPress theme, you will get lifetime updates!

This is an awesome feature. You don’t need to spend a single penny for renewing! The guys are updating the theme with powerful features and they are becoming better day by day!

Our Choice

For starting a magazine blog, the Newsmag WordPress theme is the best theme. We’ll definitely pick it and also will recommend it to all our users.

Don’t think twice. Purchase the theme now!

Get Newsmag WordPress Theme

You can purchase the theme from below!

Get Started With Newsmag

We hope you found this Newsmag WordPress theme review helpful and will choose it for your next project. I am pretty sure that you will fall in love with the design and theme.

For more related posts, you may want to check out our blog section. If you are looking for another WordPress theme by tagDiv, we recommend you checking Newspaper.

Newsmag WordPress theme review

Product Name: Newsmag WordPress Theme

Product Description: Looking for a magazine theme for your online news website? Newsmag by tagDiv is one of the best and recommended WordPress newspaper theme so far!

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Choosing a Magazine WordPress theme is a hard task. Well, we did the research for you! In this post, we are going to show you the review of Newsmag WordPress theme, one of the best selling WordPress themes in the ThemeForest marketplace!


Great Design

Speed Optimized

Clean Code

Awesome Support


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