How To Add Night Mode in WordPress Admin Area

When we start a new blog, we will work hard to research keywords add posts, pages, customize the blog. Some of my friends are working nearly 10 AM to 1 AM on their blog. In most cases, they are working on the backend.

A few days back, one of our users asked that how to add night mode in WordPress admin area. When you are working in the WordPress backend, this will help your eyes.

So, let’s begin.

How To Add Night Mode in WordPress Admin Area

First of all, log in to your WordPress admin area and go to add new plugins section. There you need to search and install the Dark Mode plugin.

Add Night Mode in WordPress Admin Area

Once you installed the plugin, simply activate it.

activate the dark mode wordpress plugin

That part is okay. You can find the plugin settings under your WordPress profile.

dark mode  plugin settings

So when you need to enable dark mode in your WordPress admin area, simply go to the user’s profile.

There, you can see the plugin settings. Enable it.

enable dark mode in wp-admin

Update the profile.

When you update your user profile, you can see the night mode is active on your admin area.

activated dark mode

This will reflect in your entire WordPress admin area.

wp admin night mode

It’s that simple.

How To Disable Dark Mode?

It’s pretty simple. All you need to do is, go to your user profile and disable it. Update your profile.

disable dark mode in wordpress admin area

Will It Reflect In The Frontend?

No. It will not. It is just for only the backend. Your website visitors will see the normal version of your website.

dark mode plugin in frontend

What About Other Users?

They also will not see the dark mode version by default. They can activate it by going to the user profile. Same as you did.

If you are running any multi-author blog, this would be helpful.

Compatible With Gutenberg?

100% compatible with the latest version of WordPress.

For this tutorial, we have used the plugin on WordPress 5.0.2. We have got no issues on the blog. For writing, you can use the classic editor.

Compatible With Themes and Plugins?

The plugin is compatible with almost all WordPress themes and plugins. If you are having issues with any of them, you may want to contact the specific theme or plugin developer. They will probably help you to figure out the issue and for fixing it.

We hope you found this tutorial helpful and learned how can you add night mode in WordPress admin area. This is the simplest method for adding dark mode in the WordPress admin area.

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Dark Mode Plugin
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Do you want to add the dark mode to your WordPress admin area? Here’s a plugin called Dark Mode which will help you to do it. In this post, we are going to show you a simple method for enabling dark mode in the WordPress admin area.

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