How To Remove You Are Here Text From Genesis Breadcrumbs

By default, Genesis Framework will pull a text (You Are Here) on its breadcrumbs. So many users don’t want them on the breadcrumbs and they wish to remove the text. In this post, we will show you how can you remove you are here text from Genesis Breadcrumbs.

How To Remove You Are Here Text From Genesis Breadcrumbs

First of all, make sure that you have enabled the breadcrumbs on posts page, single posts or wherever you need. You can see the settings under the Genesis settings.

Remove You Are Here Text From Genesis Breadcrumbs

In my case, I have disabled the breadcrumbs on the homepage and enabled on all other pages. On one of my blog posts, you can see you are here text is active.

default genesis breadcrumbsLet’s remove it. Go to the WordPress admin area and theme editor.

wordpress theme editor

In my case, I am using the Aspire Pro child theme for my blog. By using the theme editor, you need to edit the functions file.

aspire pro theme functions file

Copy the below code and paste it on the functions file. Don’t forget to click on update file after pasting the snippet.

 add_filter('genesis_breadcrumb_args', 'remove_breadcrumbs_yourarehere_text');
function remove_breadcrumbs_yourarehere_text( $args ) {
    $args['labels']['prefix'] = '';
    return $args;

update aspire pro functions file

Check your blog’s post from the front end.

you are here text removed from genesis breadcrumbs

You are here text gone from the breadcrumbs. Very simple method.


If you haven’t see the after effect on the front end, it might be an issue with your cache. Try opening the same post on an incognito window or use any proxy site.

Also, make sure that you are editing the functions file. Don’t add the code on any other .php file, it can break your website. While adding the snippet, just add it at the end of functions file.

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