How To Minify Static Files In WordPress

Website speed is an important factor these days. A one second’s slowness can cause you huge impact on the total annual revenue or conversation. We have already shared website speed optimization using WP Super Cache and WP Fastest Cache. In this post, we will show you how can you minify static files in WordPress and improve your website speed.

What Are Static Files Needs To Get Optimized

If you are using a pretty huge theme, there will be so many CSS, JS, HTML files which needs optimization. Also, you may want to try optimizing the Google fonts. By optimizing them, you will be able to reduce the HTTP requests and reduce loading time.

How To Minify Static Files In WordPress

First of all, you need to install the Autoptimize WordPress plugin.

Minify Static Files In WordPress

After installing the plugin, you may want to activate it.

activate autoptimize wordpress plugin

Upon activation, you can find the plugin settings under the WordPress settings.

autoptimize plugin settings

Enable all general settings and update.

autoptimize general settings

On the extra tab, configure it according to your needs. You muse remove query strings from your URLs to improve page speed.

extra settings in autoptimize plugin

Save the changes.

After this, we run a test using the Pingdom tool.

autoptimize plugin test results

You can see that the page loaded in 1.02 seconds, all images, JS and HTML codes got optimized as well.

For this test blog, we haven’t used a caching plugin, optimized images. If you use a caching plugin and lazy load plugin, you can significantly improve the loading time.

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If you need to optimize your images, you may want to consider using a hosted solution like TinyPNG. We always recommend you choosing a lightweight theme for your WordPress store. Check out HappyThemes, MyThemeShop, and StudioPress for simple and awesome designs.

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