How To Post Ad After Content In WordPress

Do you want to post ad after content in WordPress? Well, most of us are using display ads like Google AdSense or You may want to post the ad inside your blog where you will get maximum viewability.

While adding an ad inside your post, after the content, you will get maximum engagement. Not only just for ads. If you represent an agency, you can post your CTA widget in the spot.

So let’s get started!

after content ad inside WordPress

How To Post Ad After Content In WordPress

For this, we are going to use a free WordPress plugin called Insert Post Ads. Insert Post Ads is a lightweight ad management plugin for WordPress. Also, this post is for the self-hosted WordPress. For more, you may want to see our vs comparison.

First of all, you need to log in to your WordPress dashboard and go to add new plugins section. There, search for the Insert Post Ads plugin and install it.

Post Ad After Content In WordPress

After installing the plugin, simply activate it.

activate insert post ads

In the left WordPress admin menu, you can see the plugin’s settings page. From there, you will be able to create ads, edit existing ads, and configure the display options.

insert post ads settings

The display option is an important feature. By configuring it, you can show ads in those post types. By default, WordPress comes with post and page as the post types.

If you have any custom post types like coupons, videos, you can see them there. All you need to do is, simply select the post types and save settings.

insert post ads display settings

Now, go ahead and create a new ad.

create new insert post ad

Creating Ads

There you can see 3 major settings.

  • Heading (for identification).
  • Ad Code.
  • Position.

Heading will not visible for your website visitors. This is just for identifying the ad.

In the ad code field, paste the HTML ad code that the ad network gave. If you wish to use a CTA button, use that specific HTML button that you have and style the widget using additional CSS.

Set the position as after content. Typically there are 3 options are available.

  • Before Content.
  • After Specific Paragraph.
  • After Content.

add new ad code in wordpress

Now, simply publish the ad.

ad code published


Let’s check any post from the front end.

ad code sample published

The code is visible there. In our case, we have just used a sample text there. If you use the perfect ad code or CTA widget code, you can see it there.

Is It Compatible With All Themes?

Hell yeah.

This plugin is compatible with all WordPress themes. There are so many WordPress theme shops are available who got different optimized WordPress themes. You will not get any issues using this plugin.

We hope you found this post helpful to post ad after content in WordPress. If you did, please consider sharing this post with your friends and fellow bloggers on social media. For more related posts, you may want to check out our blog section.

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