QuadMenu Review: The Only Mega Menu Plugin That Works!

So many our users have asked how to create mega menu inside WordPress. There are some premium WordPress themes comes with the feature. Well if your theme doesn’t have it, you may want to rely on a mega menu WordPress plugin.

There are so many mega menu plugins are available. Some are free and some are premium. For our audience, we will always recommend the best WordPress plugins. And we are talking about the QuadMenu.

QuadMenu review

If you purchase QuadMenu, your search for the best WordPress mega menu plugin is over!

QuadMenu is not just a typical mega menu WordPress plugin! It’s something more than that!

QuadMenu Review: Best Plugin?

QuadLayers, the developer created this QuadMenu plugin in February 2018. At this time of writing, they have made 450+ sales from the CodeCanyon and 4000+ websites are using their plugin!

Also, the plugin got 4.20 star out of 5 from the community!

No matter you are running a fashion blog, news website, product review website, food blog or anything on WordPress CMS. Using a Mega Menu, you can bring your user’s attention!

Is QuadMenu a Free Plugin?

QuadMenu is a freemium WordPress plugin. Means the plugin got a free version and also a premium version. Like all freemium plugins, the free version got some limitations.

Well, if you are just starting out, the free version is good enough. You can download the free version of QuadMenu WordPress plugin from below.

Download Free Version

Well, we will recommend you using the pro version plugin on your blog if you want the full features of the plugin. Now, let’s see what makes QuadMenu the best WordPress mega menu plugin.

Installing and Activation

Like every WordPress plugin activation, you can install and activate QuadMenu WordPress plugin through the WordPress dashboard or by using an FTP client like FileZilla.

If you want to install the free version plugin, go to Add New plugins section and search for “QuadMenu”. Install and activate the plugin on your blog.

install QuadMenu plugin

In our case, we would also like to install the premium version of the plugin. So, go to the plugins uploader page, install the QuadMenu pro plugin.

install QuadMenu pro

Once you got installed it, simply activate the plugin on your blog.

activate the QuadMenu pro plugin

After activating the plugin, you can configure the WordPress plugin.

quadmenu options panel

License Verification

For receiving automatic updates, you may want a valid license key. From your CodeCanyon account’s download section, you can find your key.

QuadMenu License activation

You can also use the plugin without a valid license. But won’t get support and updates from the official author.

Compatible Themes

This is the part you need to consider. There are so many WordPress theme shops are available with thousands of themes. No matter which one you are using.

QuadMenu plugin is compatible with all of them! Now, they have tested this plugin with:

If you are having trouble, you can contact the theme support or plugin support for letting them know. Then probably they will get back to you within a few hours!

Compatible Plugins

I know folks who use 35+ WordPress plugins on their WordPress blog. When you use these much plugins, you need to make sure that each one is compatible with other plugins.

At this time, QuadMenu is compatible with all major WordPress plugins like:

This will help you to use the plugin in complete peace of mind.

Customizing QuadMenu

Now, we can start customizing the QuadMenu WordPress plugin. Under the plugins settings page, you can see a link for the customizer. Simply go there.

QuadMenu customizer

The plugin will work with almost all WordPress themes. For this tutorial, I am using the GeneratePress WordPress theme.

demo blog of screenshot

You can see in the above screenshot. I have some links available on my primary navigation menu. At this time, I am using the default theme’s style. Now, let’s see how to integrate QuadMenu with existing menus!

Go to Configuration > Primary Menu. There, turn on integration with the primary menu.

quadmenu on primary menu

Once you are done, don’t forget to publish the changes.

Styling Menu

On top of the default menu styling, we will be able to add some more features to it. Here are some features that you will love and need to consider.

Once you go to the QuadMenu customizer, go to the Default Theme. From there, you can style your menu.

Layout Options

From here, you can configure the menu layout option, Float, alignment, width, lazy load, and related things. At this time, they have 5 layout options available. Choose one according to your theme styling.

QuadMenu layouts

You can see the live effect on the preview window.


There are 3 alignment options are available.

  • Left Alignment.
  • Canter.
  • Right Alignment.

We are huge fans of the right alignment. So you can show your logo on the left side, show menu elements on the right side.


Would you like to set a custom width for your menus? By turning on this feature, your menu will fir on every screen sizes. No need to add additional CSS.

Lazy Loading

Lazy Loading a WordPress speed improvement trick which will help you to increase your website speed. By default when a visitor landed on a post with so many images, it will take so much time to load.

But using an option like Lazy Loading, you can fix this. Load the images only when the user scrolls to it.

Mobile Menu

Most folks use a mobile phone for browsing. In that case, your website must be optimized for mobile visitors. By using this QuadMenu mobile menu configuration feature, you can optimize your menus for mobile users!

quadmenuu mobile menu optimization

There, you can pick the color for the opening toggle button and closing button. Make sure that you are on the mobile preview for a live preview.

Menu Customization

In this section, you can customize your WordPress menu’s base like background color, text color etc.

QuadMenu plugin default customization

Also, you can customize your logo, other elements CSS from there.

Sticky Navigation

These days, most WordPress themes come with a sticky navigation menu on top. Well, that’s with some custom CSS. If your theme doesn’t have a sticky navigation menu, this plugin will help you to get it.

QuadMenu sticky primary menu

All you need to do is, enable the sticky navigation menu feature and style it.


typography in QuadMenu

Would you like to style your WordPress menu by transforming text? You can transform the menu to uppercase lowercase or leave it to none.


This is a great option. With the inbuilt CSS animations, you can improve your menu.

animations in QuadMenu

Most users will love, it. For this, you don’t need to write a single line of code! You can do it by selecting your favorite animation from the list.

Creating a Theme

Creating a pretty easy. You can do it in just a single click of your mouse.

QuadMenu new custom theme

After creating the theme, you can style it differently than the default one. Here, from the customizer, you can do it!

Quadmenu custom theme configuration

If you no longer need the theme, simply delete it.

QuadMenu default theme creation

Additional CSS

Would you like to add some additional CSS to your WordPress theme without editing your theme’s style.css or going to the additional CSS section in customizer?

Under the QuadMenu WordPress plugin settings, you can find the settings for adding additional CSS.

QuadMenu additional CSS section

So if you need to change your font size of the website, you could use CSS like this.

body {
font-size: 16.5px;
font-weight: 400;


Social Media

These days, most blogs are having their own social media profiles. You can simply integrate it with the QuadMenu WordPress plugin, you can show social media icons.

QuadMenu social media integration

All you need is, enter your social media profile URLs.

Gutenberg Optimized?

WordPress 5.0 comes with a brand new editing experience called Gutenberg. At this time, the plugin is not compatible with Gutenberg and the core team is working hard to make it compatible.

This doesn’t mean that the plugin will not work with the latest version of WordPress. The plugin will work seamlessly and you will not get any issues!


Like every CodeCanyon items, they have 2 type pricing plans.

QuadMenu plugin pricing

  • Regular License – $18.
  • Extended License – $55.

If you want this plugin for using it on your personal blog, the Regular License is good enough. If you represent a web development company or a WordPress theme development company, you may want to consider using the Extended License.

Both options are affordable. Pick a plan which suits you.

Support and Documentation

The folks are always here to support you! You can contact them from their profile.

contact QuadMenu support

This will help them to check your license and purchase info. There are so many folks are using nulled plugins and looking for official support.

When you use nulled things, you will not get support from the official author. Also if you prefer submitting a ticket through their official website, go here.

Now, let’s talk about the documentation. They have a wide range of documentation tutorials!

QuadMenu documentations

If you want to see them, go to the QuadMenu documentation page. There, you can find all the docs regarding the WordPress plugin.


I have said that they created QuadMenu in February 2018. They keep updating the plugin with new features. The recent update was on September 2018 and it’s now crushing the market.

We highly recommend you purchasing plugins that are updated to the newest version of WordPress. Using outdated WordPress plugin will create security issues in your blog.

When you purchase this QuadMenu WordPress plugin, you will get lifetime updates from the author team. That’s great!

Our Choice

From above, you noted that for the full plugin features, you might want to use the QuadMenu premium version. The price is affordable. If you need an all-in-one solution for your WordPress menus, you could try this plugin!

That’s what we mentioned through this QuadMenu review. We will definitely pick the QuadMenu premium version for our blog.

Get QuadMenu Plugin

You can download the plugin from below.

Download QuadMenu

We hope you found this post helpful and enjoyed the red. If you did, please consider sharing this post with your friends and fellow bloggers on social media. For more related posts, please check out our blog section.

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QuadMenu review

Product Name: QuadMenu WordPress Plugin

Product Description: Would you like to create a mega menu inside your WordPress blog? Well, QuadMenu is the #1 WordPress plugin that you need! Create mega menus without messing up with CSS and HTML!

Price: 18

Currency: USD

Availability: InStock

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  • Support
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Using the QuadMenu WordPress plugin, you can create mega menus on WordPress. Here’s the complete review of the QuadMenu WordPress plugin.


Awesome Support

Easy to Use

Compatible With All Themes



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